Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Tank Bottom Scanner

MFL offers an unmatched probability of detection – including in the critical Zone – and can address thick plates and coating brilliantly. It provides top/bottom corrosion discrimination. Blazing fast, it can either be used in full floor mapping or Free scan mode.

MFL method helps ITC clients to provide asset owners with the information required to assess tank-life suitability. ITC employs various scanners to accomplish the integrity assessment, which is generally performed on, yet not limited to, tank floors. Magnetic flux leakage methods work by inducing a strong magnetic field, near saturation, within ferrous materials. When an area affected by corrosion or metallurgical change is traversed by the sensor head, a change in flux density is measured and depicted on a digital computer screen, alerting the operator in real time while also being recorded for post-analysis.