Phased Array Methods (PAUT)

As a leading provider of non-destructive testing services, our company specializes in Phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT), (PAUT) provides a fast and reliable UT inspection solution for flaw detection and characterization across multiple presentations simultaneously. Phased array NDT technology uses multiple elements fired in quick succession to produce beams that can be steered, swept and focused electronically. Inspections across multiple angles are performed concurrently, creating significant cost savings and providing recordable results for further analysis and/or future inspections. Phased array ultrasound is capable of performing multiple applications including NDT welding inspection, CUI inspection mapping, and inspections on composites and components of complex geometry. Through use of accurate scan-planning and beam-steering capabilities, phased array ultrasonic testing increases the probability of detection, while inspection times are reduced to a minimum.

Furthermore, the use of encoders in the PAUT ultrasonic testing allows all data to be digitally saved and stored for weld-record retention and analysis as well as future repeatable inspections for in-service applications. ITC delivers PAUT NDT inspections using compact, portable equipment and can therefore be carried out on any site.