Positive Material Identification (PMI) - XRF and OES analyzers

Positive Material Identification (PMI) provides alloy Chemistry and grade ID information instantly using a handheld analyzer without having to move, alter, or damage the material.
PMI is also used to ensure that the Parent material in vessels and pipe material is composed of the correct composition (i.e., 304 or 316L) and once the component is welded that the correct filler material was used.

PMI also ensures that the base material of piping and vessels meets the design specification.

ITC, with its advanced procedures, can perform the onsite chemical analysis and grade verification of questionable materials used in most general industries. Alloy sorting and verification is performed using an array of XRF and OES analyzers, confirming material grades prior to installation.

Carbon-based materials require the use of optical-arc spectrometers, which are used when lighter elements require reading. Both methods require minimal surface preparation and, in some instances, none at all. With its historic materials library, ITC is able to verify many materials in record time.